Swim DIaper - Smoky Orca
Swim DIaper - Smoky Orca

Swim DIaper - Smoky Orca


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Reusable swim diapers are an all-around great solution for swim safety, comfort, sun protection, and value. Our durable fabrics also will not swell like a traditional diaper, are washable and can be used multiple times. Perfect for baby, infant and toddler.
- Washable and re-usable swim diapers in cool prints to match our swimwear
- Fabrics are Free of Sunscreen Chemicals, Great for Sensitive Skin and UPF 50+ rated, maximum UV sun protection for apparel!
- Offering 2 layers for the most protection with a super comfy and soft waterproof lining
- Comfortable elastic waist and legs to assure a great fit
- Approved for public pool use